Yes it's free to register, so you will receive newsletters, offers and new products emails.

A valid Email address because registration requires email verification step, also valid address and phone number.

Yes , Once you reach the clients are you will have 26 languages to choose from the one suits you to be your primary language interface.

PayPal is our favourite for now, but bank transfers and direct debits are also available.

Yes, So far Prices are primarily in Australian Dollar (AUD) , and secondary in Egyptian Pounds (EGP) , while in the clients area select the currency you prefer.

Billing cycles for most of monthly payment products starts on the 2nd on any month, if you have different preferences please mention.

Rest assured the you will receive more than one notification before expiration date as long your domain is hosted with us.

No, Anyone can submit a support ticket, you will receive a confirmation email with your ticket number and a direct link to your case